Can Slack generate a list of links when I search for them in a message thread?

Asked a year ago

I'm working on a project, and my team leader sent me several links to external sources to document our work. I attempted to search, but the messages I'm looking for appear to be buried beneath months-old texts on our Slack channel. Could Slack return search results that include a list of available links in the channel?

Abbey Chaney

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Slack's search feature is designed to help you quickly find the messages you're looking for, even if they're buried in a long conversation thread.

To find the links your team leader sent you, enter the relevant search terms and keywords into the search bar, and click the 'Links' filter. This will generate a list of all the messages containing links in your channel, allowing you to find the information you need to complete your project quickly.

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