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How do I install Elastic Enterprise Search?

Asked a year ago

Hi, I want to use Elastic Enterprise Search for various stores and apps. Where do I go to download and install it?

Bernard Melendez

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Go to the official website of Elastic Enterprise Search and select your platform to download elastic enterprise search. You also need to install a supported JVM from the same site. The website contains detailed instructions on downloading and installing Elastic Enterprise search correctly. Please note that the Elastic Enterprise search requires a paid license, but you can use it for free for up to 30 days.

Graham Barrera

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Follow these steps to install Elastic Enterprise Search for your apps and stores:

  1. Download Elastic Enterprise Search from the Mac or Linux to your platform.
  2. Install a supported JVM.
  3. Set up Elasticsearch for your platform by extracting the package. Change to that directory and begin Elasticsearch: bin/elasticsearch
  4. Locate and save the password, enrollment token, and certificate pathname in Elasticsearch terminal output.
  5. Use a separate terminal to extract and set up the current Kabina package.
  6. Now, look over to step 1 and extract the Enterprise Search package in a separate terminal.
  7. Locate config/enterprise-search.yml. Add and edit the following configuration to set up the Enterprise Search package:

allow_es_settings_modification: true

secret_management.encryption_keys: [ENCRYPTION_KEYS]

elasticsearch.username: elastic

elasticsearch.password: ELASTIC_USER_PASSWORD


elasticsearch.ssl.enabled: true

elasticsearch.ssl.certificate_authority: PATH_TO_CERTIFICATE

kibana.external_url: http://localhost:5601

  • Here, place at least one encryption key in place of [ENCRYPTION_KEYS.
  • Remove [ELASTIC_USER_PASSWORD] and enter your elastic user password that we saved in step 4.
  • Similarly, replace PATH_TO_CERTIFICATE with the pathname you found in step 4.

8. Initiate your Enterprise Search: bin/enterprise-search

9. Now it's time to log in; click the URL printed on the terminal. It will move you to the Enterprise Search in Kibana. Use your login credentials (i.e., user password) to log in successfully.

10. Lastly, in the Elastic Enterprise Search Home area, choose the product experience that best meets your needs.

Turner Lutz

Thursday, September 15, 2022

You can follow the given instructions to install Elastic Enterprise Search:

  1. Download it from the official website of Elastic Enterprise.
  2. Find your supported JVM and download it.
  3. Get your Elasticsearch Package and extract and change its directory to bin/Elasticsearch.
  4. Save everything, including enrollment token, service password, and certificate pathname.
  5. Download and extract your kibana package in a separate terminal.
  6. Set up Elastic Enterprise Search by extracting the search package downloaded earlier.
  7. Log in and select the apps or stores you want to use them for.

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