Can I retrieve Slack results with links if I only recall the chat text with emojis?

Asked a year ago

My team leader wants me to retrieve important client deliverables from our channel. I've tried searching, but the messages I'm looking for appear to be buried beneath texts from months ago. I vaguely recall the text from the message thread and the emojis. Could I use emojis and emoticons to narrow down my search results?

Abeeha Qasmi

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

While retrieving Slack results solely based on chat text with emojis may be challenging, there are ways to narrow down your search. One approach is to use Slack's advanced search features to filter results by specific channels, dates, keywords, and other criteria.

Alternatively, you could use third-party tools like Unleash to enhance your search capabilities. Unleash lets you find and locate anything you want on your cloud, computer, and other databases.

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