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How can I handle multiple tasks at the same time?

Asked 5 months ago

Hi everyone, I have been finding myself swamped with multiple tasks from all directions, and I don't know how to make it through this week. I feel like I'm in for the impossible. Is there any advice you can give me?

Lanny Sutton

Sunday, March 27, 2022

It happens many times when one gets stuck in a heap of tasks and feels impossible to make it through. Just calm down and make a quick to-do list. Don't start multiple tasks at once. Figure out the urgent and important ones and start doing them one by one. You can use an online task manager and time management tool to help you create a to-do list and divide your time between the tasks. Moreover, you can use online file organizers like google drive or Dropbox for efficient data management.

Brian Reese

Thursday, May 12, 2022

It is normal for people to get saddled with various tasks that they have to handle at the same time. This is a case of multitasking within a particular allocation of time. When you get to this point where you have multiple tasks to manage at the same time, there is no need to fret. First, you can set the tasks in an order of priority, by which you tell yourself which task is more necessary and which requires more of your time and attention. Depending on the sum of time you have to finish the tasks, plan the tasks in order and appoint a time for each of them. Ensure you pay attention to all the tasks at hand, but don't forget that in the order of priority, some of the tasks will require more attention and focus.

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