How can you improve performance development?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I've recently been placed in a project management position, and high-performance management forms part of the role. Although, I can see that the employees' performance needs to be improved. I am not sure how I would do this. Do you have any advice?

Wade Wyatt

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

When considering high performance management and how you can improve employee performance there are several key activities that can assist with performance development.

Set clear expectations so employees are fully aware of what they should be bringing to the team.

Consider performance coaching, have short sessions every few weeks to discuss any potential areas for improvement.

Do not micro manage, give your team members some autonomy and they may well surprise you.

Measure performance and set goals, setting individual and team milestones can be easily checked and used to measure performance, which in turn, can be used to improve employee performance.

Ensure that your employees are happy, this is the most overlooked aspect and it is a well known fact that people perform better when they're happier.

Solomon Macdonald

Sunday, June 26, 2022

It is best to use a strategical approach to enhance overall performance development and help your staff reach their full potential. Here are the top 5 tips to help you improve the performance development of your team:

  1. Prepare a performance improvement plan (PIP), determining the acceptable performance and setting measurable goals. Schedule the tasks and duties for your team with a clearly defined policy statement of "consequences for lack of improvement".
  2. Leader over manager — Don't act like someone who only knows how to give instructions; try standing a leader leading with his exemplary work.
  3. Provide a supportive and friendly environment, and support every individual employee's career interest.
  4. Recognition of contributions and achievements can improve the performance and productivity of employees.
  5. Creating creative and meaningful work and training opportunities can be a great approach to enhancing project management.

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