How can I prevent data silos?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi everyone. My business has been struggling to rid of data silos for a while, and recently we finally succeeded! But doing so wasted quite a lot of time and resources, so I would like to avoid data silos at all costs going forward. How can I prevent data silos from coming back? Any information would be appreciated.

Rhett Moses

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The goal is not always to prevent or break silos. Silos help to structure the organisation. The goal is to make sure the resistance that holds departments from sharing information is broken. To do this,

1. Set general goals for the organisation and make everyone work towards them. Oftentimes, department managers just want to achieve their goals without thinking of the organisation's goals.

2. Managers of the various departments must understand that a free flow of information will help the company to achieve its goals.

3. Training exercises should be done together and each part of the organisation must understand how the company can't work without its parts working together.

4. Create reward patterns that promote working together. You can also have tools or software that would promote collaboration.

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