How are data silos created?

Asked 2 years ago

I find data silos so difficult to understand. Everything has to start somehow. How do data silos start? Are data silos formed purposefully or do they just happen to occur? Does knowing how data silos are created help you to get rid of them?

John Mcgee

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Data silos are created as an organisation begins to grow and expand in influence and human resources. Companies may feel the need to compartmentalise their organisation and have various groups or departments with different functions. A telecommunication industry for example may have sales team, marketers, content creators, customer care unit and technical engineering team. All of those compartments have thier distinct functions and operate on the basis of their job descriptions. As a result they all have their modes of operation with the information they work with. As they function on thier own, they form silos and begin to hoard data within their department which eventually result in data silos.

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