Can you search by section in Asana?

Asked 2 years ago

I use the sections in Asana to help me divide and organize the various tasks for my team that fall under specific projects. I don't like to search for tasks individually, I'd rather want to search for them by section so that all the tasks under that section come onto my desktop. Is it possible to search by section in Asana?

Immanuel Roy

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Yes! You can search by section in Asana. But to do that, you must create the sections first. Set up the search criteria for the newly created section and save your preferences. Now you can use the search by section feature in four helpful ways:

  1. Create Sections based on their priority levels across multiple projects.
  2. Set up a Search View based on the milestones.
  3. Search by Projects > Sections > Tasks assigned to you. It will help you view the tasks you are responsible for in a specific category.
  4. You can also search through Asana using the Search View option to obtain customized reports.

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