What is data integrity?

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Hello all. I'm brushing up on my data management skills and a few questions have popped up regarding data integrity: What is data integrity? Are there different types of data integrity? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Steve Fritz

Saturday, April 23, 2022

According to research, Data integrity is an important part of information security. "Data integrity" refers to the quality and consistency of data recorded in a database, data warehouse, data mart, or other structure in its broadest sense.

Data integrity refers to having data in your database that is correct and accurate. We don't want repetitive values, inaccurate values, or broken relationships between tables while saving data in the database. So, let's look at how broken relationships might lead to data inconsistency using an example.

Types of data integrity: Physical integrity and logical integrity.

Omar Clay

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Data integrity refers to a standardized procedure of updating and inspecting the data stored in large databases. It limits the data accessibility from unauthorized users to subside different types of threats to companies' intranet. Organizations guarantee data accuracy, consistency, and maintenance using data integrity in data warehouses.

The two major types of data integrity are listed below at your disposal:

  1. Physical Integrity: It is a measure to ensure the successful storing and retrieving of accurate and complete data. Physical integrity protects the data when it has threats by natural disasters, power issues, hackers, etc.
  2. Logical Integrity: It is also used to secure, update and safeguard your critical data. It rectifies the data till it becomes logically accurate and makes sense in the context. This type is further subdivided into four sub-branches: Entity integrity, Domain integrity, Referential integrity, User-defined integrity.

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