Is Big Data Part of AI?

Find out how big data and AI are connected

Marcel Deer - Writer for Unleash
By Marcel Deer
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Edited by Jovan Mijailović

Published November 5, 2023.

Is big data part of AI: a graphic with AI written on it

Two emerging knowledge management trends with significant momentum are big data and AI.

Organizations today deal with complex datasets that cannot be managed, processed, or analyzed by traditional means, creating the need for big data analytics. AI complements big data to enable better knowledge sharing and data analysis within organizations.

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The Intersection of Big Data and AI

Data Fueling AI

Without AI tools, big data is essentially the foundation for advanced AI algorithms. These massive datasets can be used to train AI programs, as we’ve seen with consumer-ready examples like Chat-GPT and MidJourney.

AI Enhancing Big Data Analysis

AI needs big data to function more effectively. Machine learning algorithms can analyze big data faster and identify patterns, trends, and insights that help with robust data-driven decision-making.

Practical Applications

The use of AI and big data analytics is increasing. The following fields have already seen benefits from adopting these concepts:

  • Healthcare and diagnostics
  • Financial services
  • Customer insights and personalization

The Power of Synergy: Big Data and AI Unleash Innovation and Insights

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