How do I reduce the risk of incorrect application of knowledge?

Asked 2 years ago

In business, there are known risks that come with knowledge management (KM). These risks can arise in any part of the process of knowledge sharing, acquisition, or application and can result in bad consequences. I am looking for KM practices that can help me reduce misunderstanding of knowledge or its incorrect application.

Cayden Finley

Thursday, August 11, 2022

To reduce the risk of the unauthorized application of your knowledge management system, follow these 3 KM best practices:

  1. Information should be stored to allow retrieval upon requests, such as by keywords or topic tags.
  2. Pass on the vision behind how the gathered data helps achieve the organizational goals. It ensures that the knowledge management system is utilized to its full potential.
  3. Promote a work culture where employees feel comfortable addressing KM-related issues—ensure that assistance is available. Doing so will encourage a proactive attitude among your employees and help you avoid issues before they arise.

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