How do you evaluate 'perspective' in strategic knowledge management?

Asked 2 years ago

My startup company is yet to establish our pillars or company values. What are some ways we can evaluate our company 'perspective'?

Liam Lewis

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Here is a quick process for evaluating "perspective" in strategic knowledge management:

  1. Define the objective: Make sure that everyone involved is aware of this objective and buy-in to it.
  2. Identify the stakeholders: Include a diverse group of stakeholders in your evaluation.
  3. Collect data: Once you know who you are evaluating and what you are evaluating them for, it is time to start collecting data.
  4. Analyze the data: Look for common themes and patterns in the data and use them to inform your evaluation.
  5. Communicate the results: Share the results with concerned authorities.

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