3 Simple Steps to Use Slack as Your Intranet

Slack integrations help save organizations from having to build intranets. Here’s how you can use Slack as your intranet.

Marcel Deer - Writer for Unleash
By Marcel Deer
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Unleash
Edited by Nevena Radulović

Published December 26, 2022.

Slack has become a staple of modern workplaces, as this platform makes it easy to communicate with colleagues, share information, and collaborate. Although Slack could improve its search, its ability to integrate with other services makes this platform an ideal tool for intranets. Here's how you can make Slack your intranet.

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1. Centralize Information

Slack allows organizations to set up as many channels as they want for whatever function. Using dedicated channels makes communication easier across the team, especially when it comes to cross-platform messaging.

For instance, if you're sharing updates and news relevant only to a specific group, having a dedicated department-only announcement channel makes it easier for them to notice it and find these topics within Slack later on. This helps prevent information silos, grouping all the relevant info in a centralized place.

2. Rely on Integration

Integration is a key component of Slack's success. Instead of building an intranet, Slack can easily integrate with other tools, allowing you to add additional functionalities that can improve corporate communications. For example, Slack integrates with Asana, Friday (a digital HQ), Unily (an employee experience platform), and many more. Furthermore, integrating Slack with a powerful enterprise search tool like Unleash can streamline your search and turn Slack into your intranet powerhouse.

3. Enjoy Improved Productivity

Slack channels keep everyone informed and on track, being especially helpful in managing remote teams. By making Slack your intranet, you can boost employee productivity by involving everyone in projects or department activities, assigning tasks, and allowing staff to make comments or reach out for inquiries.

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Use Slack as Your Intranet With Ease

Slack is a modern team communication hub that helps centralize information by eliminating the back-and-forth across different tools. This makes it simpler for employees to do their job without any added hassle or distractions, boosting your team's overall productivity.

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