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Which KM system can I implement to support employee learning?

Asked a year ago

I run a start-up company, and we are primarily virtual, so we have employees from across the globe. Having this kind of business structure has been great for business as we have the best people in the industry. However, my team depends heavily on how the transfer of knowledge occurs. Information tends to be missed when new employees go through the onboarding process.

Glenn Lloyd

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

You can implement a KM system that supports employee learning by using a combination of:

  • Enterprise-Wide KM system to collect, sequence, edit and transfer digital data to your organization.
  • A knowledge repository to store and retrieve information about the company's policies, goals, products, and services.
  • Knowledge Work System (KWS) to help you integrate new data inside the organization according to the new hires.

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