Can ML Be Used to Speed Up Knowledge Graph Construction?

With its capability of sifting through large amounts of unstructured data, machine learning can speed up constructing a knowledge graph.

Marcel Deer - Writer for Unleash
By Marcel Deer
Davor Štefanović - Editor for Unleash
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Published April 3, 2023.

A knowledge graph, or a semantic network, is a valuable tool for any organization. It can be used to illustrate relationships between data and visualize the underlying connection between various sources of information.

A knowledge graph represents a network of real-world entities—objects, events, situations, or concepts—and highlights the relationship between them.

Machine Learning, a subsection of artificial intelligence, allows a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. So, what is a knowledge graph in machine learning? Apart from their various applications, machine learning can considerably speed up the construction of a knowledge graph. Here's how.

Constructing a Knowledge Graph With Machine Learning

Building a knowledge graph manually is a time-consuming process.

To construct a knowledge graph, you must:

  • Define how you will represent the knowledge. This involves defining all possible types of entities— objects, events, situations, or concepts—and identifying their relationships
  • Capture the knowledge. This is the process of inputting all bits of knowledge you represent into the system, following the structure defined in the previous step.

While manually following these steps can be tedious even for the most seasoned experts, machine learning can assist in both stages.

Machine learning can take unstructured data, such as text or images, and make sense of it. It can extract entities from this unstructured data and form relationships between them, learning the entities’ classification system and explanations along the way.

Machine learning techniques, such as entity extraction and relationship extraction, can go through unstructured data and input it into a knowledge graph much faster than a human could.

Empowering Search with Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs

Machine learning significantly accelerates the construction of knowledge graphs, transforming the way we process and understand unstructured data. This allows it to make the search process much easier.

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