What are the advantages of the AWS Content Delivery Network?

Asked 2 years ago

I have a surface understanding of AWS and content delivery networks (CDN), but I don't understand the main reason why companies use them. My partner suggested we look into making use of CDN in passing during a meeting once. Can someone please elaborate on what the benefit of using AWS CDN would be?

Lanny Sutton

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

AWS Content Delivery Network, referred to as CDN, and Amazon cloud front is one of the fastest delivery networking in the field. It supports CORS and configurable custom HTTPS response headers. That is why it helps to secure the application's communications.

AWS Content Delivery Network also announces new APIs to locate and move alternate domain names. So, this helps if you are facing a CNAMEAlreadyExists error code. Besides that, it provides a serverless edge compute compatibility; CloudFront functions, designed for lightweight HTTP(s) manipulations. Therefore, AWS CDN delivers rich and more personalized content with low latency.

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