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Harness the power of Unleash's AI-Powered Slackbot for quick answers to your questions in Slack channels.

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Your questions, answered
By monitoring questions asked in your Slack channels, Unleash's AI-Powered Bot provides instant answers using information from your knowledge bases, enabling your teams to handle questions and tasks with competence.
Search and sharing simplified
Stay within Slack while seamlessly searching, sharing, and locating specific documents from your knowledge bases to collaborate effectively with your team.
Expert validated answers
Elevate response accuracy with Expert Validation, allowing trusted channel experts to pre-validate bot responses.
Convert chats into knowledge
You asked a question and there is no good answer in your Knowledge Base? Create a Knowledge Card with an answer so the bot can draw from it for future questions on the same topic.

Your source for quick and trusted insights

No more repeated questions

Tired of getting caught up in a cycle of repeatedly answering the same questions? Bid farewell to the time you've wasted on redundant inquiries. Our bot actively monitors the channel, swiftly responding to questions faster than you could imagine.

Save your team time and effort

Eliminate time spent looking for answers to repeat questions and have the knowledge you need, continually updated, validated and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Reliable company knowledge

Every single answer is meticulously drawn from your company's knowledge base, ensuring that the pertinent information you require is promptly delivered to you precisely when and where you need it.

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