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Unlock AI-driven search, linking data silos for a Google-like unified experience.

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Enhance workforce agility with an intelligent knowledge sharing system

Embed Unleash in your company portal
Enhance your intranet solution by embedding Unleash’s AI-driven search and result tool into your current portal and make relevant, enterprise-wide content discoverable instantly, to increase proficiency and productivity
Federated search capabilities
Eliminate search restrictions and enable employees to search for information within your company portal and over 70 applications without having to exit your intranet.
Type the way you think
Keyword searches failed you? Unleash’s semantic search capabilities understands users intent by taking into account synonyms and related concepts, making it possible to find results across your portal that a regular search might miss.
Save time onboarding
Make it easy for new hires to find what they need with easy centralized searching through your company portal and reduce the time they spend sifting through irrelevant info.
Your intranet answering machine
Complement your knowledge stack with the Intelligent AI Based Q&A Bot, so your team can ask and receive expert-verified information instantly.

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Work hub
Tailor Unleash to match your company portal.
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People ops
Activate your teams potential & drive company growth.
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