Can I use the bulk actions to find a group of employees?

Asked 2 years ago

Just started using Hibob to improve HR functionality and automate a few operations in my team. I am still getting used to the system and especially navigating and configuring the directory for the different teams and departments. I don’t know if it is possible to use bulk actions in the directory to send a group of employees the new HR policy we’re implementing in a few days. I need some assistance with the bulk actions feature.

Jaydon David

Friday, September 16, 2022

HiBob allows you to perform several bulk actions for a specific group of employees. Click the "People" icon from the left bar. You'll be given a complete list of where you can find the group you were looking for by scrolling up and down or searching. Select the ones you want to send the HR policy by clicking on the checkbox to the left. Click "Actions" and select "Document" from the dropdown menu. Next, find "Request read approval" and select the saved document. Add subject and description and click send. Do not forget to click "Apply" and then "Save"; otherwise, the bulk action won't' be triggered.

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