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Unleash searches across all your company's apps to surface the information you need

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Search built for modern teams

  • Top enterprise search built by leading search experts.
  • GPT powered answers to your search questions.
  • Semantic search capabilities deliver results to even the most vaguely worded search queries.
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Knowledge is power
Stay in the know

  • Consolidate resources into organized collections based on specific themes and topics.
  • Minimize FAQs by creating Wikis of company-related material.
  • Curate short and easy-to-remember links for easy access to common resources.
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Collaboration hub for your workforce

  • Allow team-members to identify colleagues, their projects, and their assistance potential.
  • Keep everyone in the loop by highlighting trending information within your company.
  • Whether you are remote, hybrid or onsite - Unleash connects to you where you are.
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Boost up your work

Accelerate Business Agility

Minimize time wasted duplicating pre-existing work with a unified search tool that helps your team quickly locate existing resources.

close more deals

Compress your sales cycle with quick insights into barriers, opportunities and cases in need of nurturing for all your prospects.

Keep your customers happy

With all documentation in one place, drive customer satisfaction by minimizing response time for even the most difficult cases.

better than the Competitors

With all relevant data in one place, developers can spend more time pushing fixes in code to keep your product working better than the competitors.

effortless setup

Unleash offers instant performance, without requiring any supplementary IT installation or setup costs.

Quick answers

Enable teams to make decisions quicker and reduce waiting time for answers with Unleash programmed answers to common questions.

Stay secured while running

We know how much you value your data and privacy. As a company founded by cyber security veterans, it's our top priority to go to infinity and beyond to protect you and your data.

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Multi Layer Security

Your data is fully encrypted, and isolated on our secured AWS data center cloud.

Full Privacy

Your data belongs to you. We will never share it or sell it to anyone. Ever.

Full Control & Visibility

You, and you alone, decide which services to link with Unleash and what level of access to grant us.


We are SOC2 Type II Compliant and GDPR ready. We follow the highest practices of coding, security, and PII protection.

Works Where You Do


Improve your current search capabilities.

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Desktop and Web App

Get the best of both worlds with a native and web app.

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Browser Extension

Pull up Unleash from anywhere on the web.

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Slack Bot

Search through your resources and share results.

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Unleash community

Join our community of individuals who are interested in saving time, increasing productivity and shaping the future of Unleash.

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